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About My Vegan Child

My Vegan Child is an online resource for parents of vegan kids, schools, and families transitioning to a plant based or vegan lifestyle.


NZ Mum of 4, Hana Deavoll, created the website as a way to share recipes and plant based food ideas for kids, as well as information for schools. It started when Hana wrote a booklet about vegan kids to share with the local school and her kid’s teachers. The aim was to communicate in a positive way that would inform the school on the child’s vegan perspective, as well as to navigate potential sensitive areas such as food, nutrition and animal welfare.┬áThe My Vegan Child booklet is a free printable resource for parents to give to the teachers of their vegan children.


With more and more families becoming vegan, it is important that educators and carers gain an insight into the perspective of the vegan children they teach. Veganism is much more than just a diet. It is also important that families eating plant based know how to provide a balanced diet so that their children can thrive. The information provided both in the My Vegan Child booklet, and on this website, will help create a more inclusive learning environment for vegan children, as well as inspire parents on how to raise healthy, happy, vegan and plant based kids.


As the vegan and plant based movement grows, the website has evolved to be more of a resource for parents transitioning to a plant based diet or vegan lifestyle. A hub of information to help give parents the tools and support they need to raise healthy, strong and compassionate kids.


To request topics to cover or provide any feedback please Contact Us.

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