Car accident – what to do if you are involved in a traffic accident?

A car accident can happen to anyone, even to the most experienced drivers on Germany’s roads. It does not matter whether it is a minor rear-end collision or a serious traffic accident. In the event of an accident, panic and uncertainty can quickly set in – especially if people have been injured. But it is important to keep a cool head and act correctly.

In this article, you will learn what you should do in the event of a car accident and what measures you should take to handle the situation in the best possible way. From recording the accident to settling the claim, here is the most important know-how you need to act properly in such an emergency.

Remember: a car accident is always an exceptional situation and requires special measures to be taken. Read here how to act correctly in the event of an accident and what steps you should take – from recording the accident to settling the claim.

What to do in such a case?

A car accident is always an unpleasant event that often comes unexpectedly. The immediate consequences can range from minor property damage to serious injuries. In any case, it is important to act quickly and correctly to minimize damage and protect the health of the people involved.

Car accident - what to do if you are involved in a traffic accident?

First, make sure that no one is injured. If necessary, call emergency services or the police. Make sure that traffic is not further affected as a result of the accident.

If another driver was involved, write down their contact information and insurance information. Document the accident scene and damage with photos or sketches. Avoid discussions about who is at fault or matters of a financial nature that can later be resolved by the insurance companies involved.

In any case, you should report the incident to your own insurance company and contact the insurance agent to discuss how to proceed. In the case of injuries or severe damage, consulting with an attorney is often recommended.

  • To summarize:
  • Checking the injuries and reporting them to the ambulance service or the police
  • Documenting the scene of the accident and the damage
  • Take down the other driver’s contact information and insurance information
  • Contacting your own insurance agent
  • In case of injury or serious damage, consider consulting with an attorney
Car accident - what to do if you are involved in a traffic accident?

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