Info for Schools - My Vegan Child
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Info for Schools

The My Vegan Child booklet is free to download and share.


The My Vegan Child booklet is a resource for parents to give to teachers and caregivers.
The aim of the booklet is to inform our children’s teachers on veganism so as to navigate potential sensitive areas such as food, nutrition and animal welfare.

We encourage you to print the file out as a booklet (from Adobe Reader) and personally hand to your child’s teacher or caregiver, or alternatively you can email them the booklet or link to this webpage.



Scroll down to read the booklet online, or click the button below to download and print.


Open pdf file in Adobe Acrobat Reader (download Adobe for free here).

Choose print, then select ‘booklet’ as an option.

If the PDF reader does not display, please refresh the page.