Lesson Plans & Ideas - My Vegan Child
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Lesson Plans & Ideas

Classroom Resources


SAFE Animal Squad (New Zealand)

  • Animal Squad is SAFE’s educational website, which has the goal of teaching compassion and kindness for animals. Kids can also join the ‘Safe Youth’ club.
  • Animal Bites –  is a newsletter sent out to all NZ primary schools.
  • Animals & Us – NZ Classroom resources for secondary schools (could be adapted to primary)


The Vegetarian Resource Group (USA)


Think Kind – Humane Education (Australia)

Resources for teaching critical thinking, ethics and empathy for animals.


Jane Goodall’s Roots to Shoots program for kids


SPCA Teachers Portal (New Zealand)


Institute for Humane Education (USA)


NZ Vegetarian Society


Vegan Society of Aotearoa New Zealand



Dissection of live animals is not necessary in this day and age. The following are links to the ethics of this issue and a presentation of alternatives.


Worldwatch Institute: A Vision for a Sustainable World (website)