Looking back on an unusual kita year

This year everything was different in the daycare centers. The virus has impacted even the smallest members of our society and has brought many challenges. Children suddenly had to learn what keeping their distance and washing their hands regularly meant, while educators also faced special tasks.

Despite the restrictions, digital solutions have suddenly taken hold to keep operations running and also maintain contact between parents and educators. Many have had to quickly learn how to video conference and make materials available digitally.

In this review, we would like to look back at the challenges and experiences of this period and focus on the special moments and achievements that were accomplished this year despite everything.

As a society, we are now asked to reflect on this year’s experience and find answers for the future. Perhaps it was these difficult times that showed us what values and skills are of the utmost importance to our community.

An unusual Kita year

The Corona pandemic not only turned many people’s lives upside down last year. Kitas were also faced with great challenges. Spacing rules, hygiene concepts and quarantine measures were just some of the measures that had to be implemented.

Many parents were forced to care for their children at home because the daycare centers were temporarily closed. This led not only to an enormous burden for parents, but also for children who missed social contacts and a structured daily routine.

Despite the difficult conditions, daycare centers scrambled to provide care. Markers and pens were disinfected, toys were cleaned and educational activities were carried out in Corona-compliant groups. The work of kindergarten teachers changed a lot this year and often required a lot of improvisational skills.

Slowly, a kind of normality is now returning to daycare centers. The pandemic has shown the importance of good care for children and support for parents in difficult times. However, it remains to be seen what impact the Corona pandemic will have on daycare centers in the long run.

A look back at a challenging Kita year

The 2020 daycare year was without a doubt an unusual year. The effects of the Corona pandemic have changed the day-to-day life of many daycare facilities and presented new challenges. The observance of distance rules and hygiene regulations, group separations and the constant switching between attendance and emergency care had a major impact on the pedagogical work.

But the year at the daycare center was also marked by positive moments. The creativity and flexibility of the educators have led to many children having a great time at the daycare despite the limitations. New pedagogical concepts have been developed and implemented that can be used in the future.

  • Project work in small groups
  • Intensive support for individual children
  • Digitization of educational work

Despite the difficult conditions, it was important to the educators to offer the children a sense of security and to give them back a piece of normality. With a lot of commitment and heart and soul, they accompanied the children through the year and helped them on their way.

Looking back on an unusual kita year

The outlook for the future

After an unusual Kita year, the future faces many challenges.

Digitalization will continue to advance and also find its way into daycare centers. Parents will increasingly want the option of having their child cared for digitally. So it will be important to familiarize ourselves with the new technology and introduce it as quickly as possible.

In addition, the topic of inclusion will also become more important in the future. Kitas will increasingly have to prepare for the integration of children with disabilities. This includes not only spatial adjustments, but also more intensive supervision and professional support.

Another trend will be increased cooperation between daycare centers and schools. Children should be prepared for school at an early age and the transition from daycare to elementary school should be smoother. To achieve this, daycare centers and schools must work together on concepts to give children a successful start to their school careers.

  • Digitalization will change daycare centers.
  • Inclusion will become an important topic.
  • Daycare centers and schools will work more closely together.

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